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Let Kensington Hill Partners find the right company for you.

    Kensington Hill is a human capital recruiting boutique exclusively focused on executive and mid-level management professional candidates and those that support them.

    We serve clients throughout North America of varied sizes. Companies ranging from small to large organizations, as well as “for-profit” and “not-for profit” establishments. All share the characteristic of either consisting of, or aspiring towards, attracting and retaining exceptional talent.

    With Kensington Hill Partners:

    • We employ our vast networking capabilities in many industries and geographies to research the optimal candidates for our clients. It begins with the RIGHT people with our proven research processes to identify the perfect candidate.
    • We attract seasoned professionals and match them with relevant career opportunities.
    • Kensington Hill’s colleagues and partners have enormous experience building compensation programs that are in sync with the position. The outcome is win-win.
    • We provide innovative candidatetesting and analysis of results that enables our clients to make thoughtful, well-informed and confident decisions about critical staffing adjustments or additions.
    • We are all about relationship recruiting; we are your partner to ensure we provide the most qualified & highly respected candidates in your industry.

    The strength of your organization’s leadership is more crucial than ever. The marketplace is more competitive than ever, operating costs for doing business are high, and margins are always a focus. These are challenges faced by every organization. You need leaders that can master these challenges, not fall prey to them.

    We understand the power of competency, strategic thinking and drive for success. Give us the opportunity to provide powerful candidates that can take your organization to the next level!

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