At Kensington Hill, we provide vast collaborative solutions to help augment and assist our client’s business operations. Our colleagues and partners have years of practical-results oriented experience, with proven track records of success. Whether it be Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Human Resources, Client Satisfaction, Marketing, IT, Operational Tactics, Management Development or other, we have outstanding resources to guide you through resolving your challenges and supporting your opportunities.

At Kensington Hill Partners we provide world class:

Consulting and Management services targeting your biggest opportunities. Kensington Hill assists executives in “out of the box thinking” keeping total focus on your key performance objectives.

Mergers and Acquisitions are a core competency at Kensington Hill. We have participated in, and advised, in numerous transactions for nearly twenty years while adding accretive value in every transaction; that is our mission.

Performance Resources that identify, address, and resolve your highest risks and priority challenges.Proven process management will guide you through important metrics.

Human Resources Support specializing in employee engagement – including the Board Room! It always starts with the right PEOPLE. We provide talent and management, recruiting & retention strategies, and best practices researched by industry.

Marketing and Public Relations Services that drive third party recommendations and referrals is crucial. It begins with a flawless marketing strategy with precise execution, and branding tactics.

Leadership Training is critical in cultivating talent and driving workforce engagement. Identifying and developing leaders and “ready now” candidates makes critical succession planning manageable.

“All In” programs for Client Retention, Client Satisfaction and Client Referrals is an assertive approach to taking care of clients – this IS OUR DNA!Our proven strategies and programs go well beyond client satisfaction action surveys.

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