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Kensington Hill knows the power of an engaged Board whether that be at an advisory level or at a governance level.  By providing the right Board members with the proper focus and oversight, a Board of Directors can greatly impact a company’s performance. We provide a full service strategy around Board selection, responsibilities, organizational engagement as well as Board compensation. Qualified Board members offer innovative advice and dynamic perspectives to help ensure your strategy is optimized.This strategy supports your organization’s success and longevity in the marketplace.

At Kensington Hill, we have multiple years of experience on Boards of Directors, leading/ forming and governing at a variety of companies. We have vast experience in companies of all sizes. Kensington Hill is experienced in Board compensation strategies that align all stake holders for the benefit of the enterprise.

Critical considerations for implementing
a successful Board include:

Understand the Roles & Responsibilities of a Board

Assess the Reasons and Benefits for a Board

Learn How to Create and Manage a Board

Determine the Selection Criteria for your Board Members

Learn How to Organize Meetings & Frequency of Meetings

Determine Board Compensation

……And many other services related to Board engagement.

An important aspect for implementing a successful Board includes corporate communications. Kensington Hill provides complete implementation plans to introduce the Board and Board members to your organization. Clearly articulating the benefits of a fully functioning Board is critical to the acceptance and confidence of the organization.

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